Are the Cardinals Shipping Rasmus to the White Sox?

Five reasons why this deal might happen: Colby’s a head-case. He’s always sad about being picked on because of something, and while he may not deserve all the flack he gets, the center fielder never seems to handle it well. Kenny Williams likes to make trades. The guy is a trading machine, at one point basically admitting that he’s always looking to deal. Edwin Jackson is a pending free agent who’s having a so-so year. [Read More]

Cy Young Pitcher Enjoys a Little Fast Eddie’s Before Spring Training

We hear Cy Young winning pitcher and White Sox ace, Mark Buehrle, was over at Fast Eddie’s yesterday. Buehrle is from the St. Louis area (he graduated from Francis Howell North) and his family still lives in town, so this is of little surprise, but its just nice to hear he gets back to the area in the offseason and partakes in some of the local favorites even after hitting the big time. [Read More]