Mark Buehrle Really Doesn’t Like Michael Vick

Native St. Louisan and Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle really likes dogs. In fact, Buehrle made news in December when his wife found a dog walking around St. Louis with an arrow sticking out of it and donated money to pay for the dog’s medical bills as well as found the dog a home. No word on if the dog has a comical water stream shoot out of his side when he drinks water, but it’s still a good story and makes Mark Buehrle seem like a really nice guy that cares. [Read More]

Mark Buehrle Does the Letterman Top 10

Maybe you didn’t hear, but St. Louis native Mark Buehrle pitched a perfect game the other day. You might have missed it, no one here talked about it much or mentioned he was from St. Louis. Anyway, when you do something good, eventually you get to go on Letterman and do the Top 10. It was Mark Buehrle’s turn: Not a horrible Top 10, but number 2 fell a little flat. [Read More]

Cy Young Pitcher Enjoys a Little Fast Eddie’s Before Spring Training

We hear Cy Young winning pitcher and White Sox ace, Mark Buehrle, was over at Fast Eddie’s yesterday. Buehrle is from the St. Louis area (he graduated from Francis Howell North) and his family still lives in town, so this is of little surprise, but its just nice to hear he gets back to the area in the offseason and partakes in some of the local favorites even after hitting the big time. [Read More]