Pujols Was on Letterman Last Night

Initial reactions to watching Pujols on the David Letterman Show last night: – What an odd choice of a song to walk Pujols out to. – Julio Franco was the player of choice for little Albert? – Wow. Forgot how much this guy needs a spanglish translator. – Dave asked him what team is “laughable”, but Pujols didn’t answer. You were thinking of the Pirates Albert. – “I don’t like to guess [on the pitch coming]. [Read More]

Mark Buehrle Does the Letterman Top 10

Maybe you didn’t hear, but St. Louis native Mark Buehrle pitched a perfect game the other day. You might have missed it, no one here talked about it much or mentioned he was from St. Louis. Anyway, when you do something good, eventually you get to go on Letterman and do the Top 10. It was Mark Buehrle’s turn: Not a horrible Top 10, but number 2 fell a little flat. [Read More]