Pujols Was on Letterman Last Night

Initial reactions to watching Pujols on the David Letterman Show last night:

– What an odd choice of a song to walk Pujols out to.

– Julio Franco was the player of choice for little Albert?

– Wow. Forgot how much this guy needs a spanglish translator.

– Dave asked him what team is “laughable”, but Pujols didn’t answer. You were thinking of the Pirates Albert.

– “I don’t like to guess [on the pitch coming].”

– Pujols is getting a few laughs.

– Pujols’ kid is playing “kid pitch” little league ball. He gets angry when he strikes out.

– Dennis Leary is going to pitch. Here’s hoping Albert takes his head with that Red Sox hat clean off.

– Haven’t watched Letterman in a while. He’s usually funnier than this isn’t he?

– Letterman is up first. He’s not good. Leary is worse though.

– Pujols takes the first pitch from Leary. Good eye.

– Leary hit Pujols. Charge that bitch!

– It was a pretty quick batting practice. Kind of a waste of time. A few good hits though.

Pujols came off looking great. Good in front of the camera. At the end he looked right in to the camera and said “Mets, Yankees…you got a year and a half.” We kid.