St. Louis To Keep Sucking Until 2014

According to a new report on the St. Louis economy, we won’t return to the pre-recession job availability level until 2014.

The region will have lost 64,700 jobs, or 4.7 percent of its pre-recession total, by the time the local economy turns around in five years, according to a forecast released Monday by IHS Global Insight.

“While most areas will begin increasing employment again in 2010, it will be tepid, with only 118 metros crossing the 1,000-job mark next year,” IHS said. “Solid gains will not return for the majority of the country until 2011.”

So that sucks.  You know us though!  Always with the silver lining!  Check out this awesome shiz:

Detroit, Cleveland, Providence, R.I., Milwaukee and Hartford, Conn., will take until after 2015 to recover,

Pfffffttttt.  We’ll beat Detroit back by a whole year!  God you suck Detroit.

What does this mean for our city?  Well 2014 is 5 years off from now, so as we see it thats a whole class of high school girls that are going to graduate, find no jobs and have to start stripping.  [Editor’s Note: Hell no they aren’t going to college.  Not with the St. Louis public school system!]  So while jobs will still be down, and least other things will be going up!

Man we are awesome at finding silver linings!

via St. Louis Business Journal