Spanish Lake Native Makes a Movie About Spanish Lake

St. Louis’ Spanish Lake area is the subject of a new documentary, and if all the slowly zooming text with thumping soundtrack is the be believed, it’s the scene of a brutal murder of several slutty teenagers by a machette wielding crazy man that escaped from some place that doesn’t really matter…oh and you can’t kill the guy for some reason. [Phillip] Morton, 32, is now an independent filmmaker based in Los Angeles. [Read More]

The “Brick by Chance and Fortune” Trailer

The “Brick by Chance and Fortune” Trailer
Taking a break from a full set of posts today because its a holiday and this CSI marathon sure the hell isn’t going to watch itself. I did want to post up something though, and for your holiday post you get a chance to watch something too. Friend-of-the-site, Bill Streeter has released a trailer for his new documentary “Brink by Chance and Fortune” which is about the lovely brick buildings in St. [Read More]

YouTube Find: Tums For the Tummy

Maybe it was a childhood reared on Mr. Rogers watching him show me how crayons are made, but I love seeing factory tours. In that vein we found a clip from KETC, channel 9, where they toured the St. Louis Tums factory! …its a little boring and “PBSy” in the beginning, but once the actual factory tour starts its pretty cool. Unless its just me that gets geeked up about stuff like this…if thats the case then we are showing this because its ironic lame, like all those “old” tshirts they sell at Wal-Mart, and proving that we are straight punk. [Read More]