Spanish Lake Native Makes a Movie About Spanish Lake

St. Louis’ Spanish Lake area is the subject of a new documentary, and if all the slowly zooming text with thumping soundtrack is the be believed, it’s the scene of a brutal murder of several slutty teenagers by a machette wielding crazy man that escaped from some place that doesn’t really matter…oh and you can’t kill the guy for some reason. [Phillip] Morton, 32, is now an independent filmmaker based in Los Angeles. [Read More]

Guy Breaks in to House, Covers Inside With Liquid Soap

Wait, what? A man who allegedly broke into a house because it was a place to smoke cocaine and “cool off” then spread liquid hand soap about the house before leaving, St. Louis County police said. Darion J. Ellis, 18, of Florissant, told police he poured the liquid soap throughout the house to clean up after himself, according to the police report. Weird huh? Don’t worry the police have it figured out. [Read More]