Kanye West Not Coming to St. Louis

Nevermind all the local news stories where the reporter wondered out loud of how the reception for Kanye West would be when he came to town, as if people actually buy tickets to throw tomatoes at the act. The “Fame Kills” tour has been canceled, and that includes it’s St. Louis date. Of course West has been in the news lately because of his rude actions toward cute little Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards. [Read More]

YouTube Find: Tums For the Tummy

Maybe it was a childhood reared on Mr. Rogers watching him show me how crayons are made, but I love seeing factory tours. In that vein we found a clip from KETC, channel 9, where they toured the St. Louis Tums factory! …its a little boring and “PBSy” in the beginning, but once the actual factory tour starts its pretty cool. Unless its just me that gets geeked up about stuff like this…if thats the case then we are showing this because its ironic lame, like all those “old” tshirts they sell at Wal-Mart, and proving that we are straight punk. [Read More]