Mayor Slay Says Police Are Liars When Reporting Crime Data

If you felt a little extra safe in your cozy bed last night its a freaking miracle because this town has so much crime you can’t be in a balloon race without getting your car jacked, and now the Mayor is calling out the Police publicly because he believes the crime is even higher than the cops say it is. Someone in Detroit that just got stabbed fell down and is bleeding on a copy of USA Today, started reading about this bullshit and is laughing at all of this right now.

“The chief doesn’t report to me, the police board doesn’t report to me. So, there is a culture that, subconsciously we’re not all part of the same team, because if we were, I would have had that information from the very beginning.”

St. Louis Police Chief Dan Isom says previous reports that overall crime is down in the city are correct. Earlier this month St. Louis Police Chief Dan Isom reported that crime was down 25 percent over the last 3 years.

What they are arguing over is if a series of probably related crimes should be counted as one incident or counted individually.

“If five cars are broken into on one lot, around the same time, that’s one incident and it’s reported as one incident, with five different victims,” Isom said. “That hasn’t changed at the police department for many years.”

Slay says it’s disingenuous to compare crime stats from year to year, when the reporting methodology changes.

…or we could just focus on stoping them instead of counting how horrible or less horrible all of this is?

Another issue of some importance is the difference of opinion I’m having with that girl that lives by the park. I would say she’s a lovely lady that I run in to a lot somehow while her restraining order calls it “stalking”. Come on now! Is it stalking to wait outside her house to bring her gifts and eat her garbage so that we can always be together? No. It’s just being neighborly and that’s not something I’m comfortable giving up.

via KWMU