That Must Have Been One Really Bad Hair Cut

That Must Have Been One Really Bad Hair Cut

Update: Hey look, what do you know! This shooting was because of an argument about the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting according to the AP. A shooting because of an argument about a shooting? USA! USA!

Original post below…

A man entered the “All Cuts Barber Shop” in Wentzville, MO yesterday, apparently had an altercation with someone inside, left and returned a moment later to shoot the place up.

Do they not get the news in Wentzville? We’re all kinda anti-bringing guns places these days.

The suspect was a regular at the shop and, according to another customer, was a “really great guy.”

The shooters are always “great guys”, because if someone that knew him told a reporter that the suspect was “A pretty f*cked up dude. I definitely figured he’d shoot a building up one day.” people would think that guy was a dick for not telling anyone until now. Also, f*cked up guys, doing f*cked up stuff isn’t news, because that happens quite a bit. It’s definitely news when a “quiet genius who always kept to himself” does it though.

Officers were alert and responded to the scene. The suspect was captured and a gun was recovered from his vehicle.

The victim was not hurt, but the bullets left several holes in the wall and floor.

We’re going to take a shot in the dark and say the floor in the “All Cuts Barber Shop” in Wentzville wasn’t all that nice, so this is the best case senario. Still, you kinda want to see this guy’s haircut don’t you?

via KMOV