Out of the Rubble of Jamestown Mall Comes “Lindbergh Place”?

jamestown_mallOn Friday a panel of experts on crappy malls or something recommended that Jamestown Mall should be bulldozed and use the space for a “town center” with retail shops and restaurants, which to us, sounds like a mall without a roof…or a strip mall.   Good idea.

The panel is currently calling their concept for the new development “Lindbergh Place” a mixed use town center complete with everything from shops and restaurants to YMCA’s and parks.

At this point the Planning Director Donna Lewis says the mall property is so outdated that it doesn’t make sense to even reuse the current structures. She said the best option would be to simply level the mall and start over.

Jamestown Mall is certainly a piece of crap.  There’s no doubt about that, but maybe there’s more to be saved here!  I just took a look at their store directory and they have a Victoria’s Secret, a Macy’s…hmm…a…uh…number of kiosks celling weaves, cell phone cases and cheesy ties I’m assuming…oh and they have a “Low Blow Video & Photography” [Editor’s Note: Seriously.]

Ah hell you’re right, shut it down.  Don’t blow it up and do a strip mall though, just leave it there empty a let someone put in a haunted house in it for a month so someone can advertise on The Point.  The rest of the time let bums sleep in it and do drugs…which is basically a North County community center!

Via: STLPublicRadio.org

Photo Credit: Flickr user DanH63 has a great/sad set of Jamestown Mall photos.