Guy Gets Fifth DWI With Four Kids in the Car

It would seem its “horrible parents” week here at Punching Kitty. Yesterday we told you about a woman who lets her one kid escape and then leaves the other one alone when she goes to look for the first one, and a dad that got his car stolen after leaving it running with his 5 year old in the back. Now those are pretty horrible stories, but today’s story might be even better…err worse…well better, but in a comedic sense…not comedic per se, maybe like “better” in an OMG WTF kinda way. [Read More]

Cardinals 3B, David Freese Arrested on DWI Charge

Joe Strauss is reporting on that Cardinals third basemen, and the current leader to be the starter there come spring has been arrested on a DWI charge in Maryland Heights Cardinals third baseman David Freese was arrested in St. Louis County early Saturday morning on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, Maryland Heights police confirmed Sunday. Maryland Heights police did not make available an incident report Sunday, but sources familiar with the case confirmed Freese was arrested in the early-morning hours. [Read More]