Maybe Just Stick to Old People Music KLOU

klou_cindy_collinsPoor David Freese. The Cardinals third baseman got over his issues, but KLOU, being the “oldies” station, loves to bring up stuff people would just rather forget.

In fact, we’ve never understood why radio stations make their jocks come up with news stories to say in between songs and commercials, but they all do it and it’s always horrible. Usually the jocks stick with the lamest entertainment news possible: Kardashians, Britney Spears, something about the Twilight movies…but some, like KLOU’s Cindy Collins (2p – 7p) take the “just find some shit to talk about” job a little more seriously than others. Too bad she’s equally as horrible at fact checking as she is about pretending to take requests that aren’t already on the pre-defined playlist for the day.

Here is Cindy’s post on from Wednesday:

Early this afternoon, I saw a story on the Post Dispatch website about David Freese being pulled over for DWI in Maryland Heights.

Woah! Big story there Cindy. Crazy to think you were the only one to find it though, right?

What I DIDN’T see was the DATE on the story.

Uh oh.

Did I screw up?  You bet I did!

At least you’re owning up to it, which is more than some real news outlets in town do.

The link was under “Recommendations” and the date line was in light gray, as opposed to the dark black print on the story.

Um, ok. Well at least you’re kinda owning up to it.

And as soon as I mentioned the story on air, I got a phone call from a listener (thank you, Kay).

Someone at KLOU, please hire Kay.

Bottom line:  I will be much more careful in the future!!!

The good news: Since only people stopping in at old lady hair salons heard your goof, you won’t be fired over this. The bad news: You won’t be fired over this, so you still work in radio.

via our tipster, a forced day-time radio listener. It was all worth for this moment right now wasn’t it tipster?!