Attention St. Louis! Cakelady is Ruining Our Rants and Raves Section!

If you were wondering why the Rants and Raves section on the St. Louis corner of popular classifieds site Craigslist is filled with postings like: “Why do guys always look at by boobs”, “I Have An Assgasm When I Shove Cake Up My Ass” and “Posh and Donkey’s” its all cakelady’s fault!

Rants and raves used to be a halfway intelligent forum. Not anymore. Now all I see are racist rants (way to make St. Louis look even more backwoods) and that stupid fucking cakelady (whoever the hell he or she might be). Seriously, does this person have a life? His/her postings make me want to puke, and not just because of the picture. I want to contact the owners of Craigslist and get this waste of oxygen banned from the site. Free speech does have a downside, and cakelady is a perfect example.

(Source. Its Craigslist though, so it won’t be around forever.)

Ugh I know right? The sooner we an get someone like her out we can get back to awesome Rants and Rave posts like this one:

Picture 13Oooooooo!  Spicy!  Now that’s a rant!