Punching Kitty at Nucular Comedy Night

If you were all like “what  the hell dude? Your posts were short yesterday and there were only two! What the hell?!”

I’d be all like “Dude…I know.  I actually went out for a night instead of sitting at home banging on my keyboard getting posts out for you people, and I guess its never enough is it!  You know I went out there for you!  I took photos!  Do you care?  Apparently not.  You know what?  You suck.”

And then you’d be all like “Woah I’m sorry dude.”

Which would make me all like “Its cool.  I didn’t mean to blow up.”

So you would be like “No, my bad.”

Then I would be totally “Alright man.  Remember that five bucks you owe me?”

Anywhere, here are the photos from Wednesday night’s Nucular Comedy night at Atomic Cowboy, where I want to make sure to add, our stickers seemed very popular!  …seriously all that was left were little pieces of white sticker backing!  Looovvvviiinnnggg you guys!

  I want that five bucks by the way.