McDonalds is Not to be Messed With

ronald-mcdonald-is-arrested-inFile this under weird.  We were recently sent a link to an experience with one local guy and a local McDonalds.  [Editor’s Note: Thanks to our tipster!  You know who you are…]

I would try to explain this, but its best I don’t.  I’ll let the email he sent to McDonalds do the explaining:

I went through drive-thru and ordered one double-quarter pounder meal. When I got to the drive thru window I was asked to move forward. Having problems with McDonald’s in the past taking a long time to make food if I pulled forward I told them no, I did not want to move forward, I will wait here for my hamburger and fries. They continued to knock on my window for about a minute until a manager, Marie, walked out of the McDonald’s, approached the car and knocked on my window. I told her I would like to just wait for my food here and to please go make it so I could leave. She knocked several more times before she went inside. Another McDonald’s employee came outside and directed cars in drive-thru to leave McDonald’s and exit the parking lot. After waiting several minutes I rolled down my window and asked if the food was done. My reply was the middle finger from one of the employees and comments of “he must be crazy”. They then locked the drive-thru window. After waiting ten minutes I knocked on the drive-thru window and asked for the food or money back. No response. I pulled out of drive-thru, parked my car and entered McDonalds. I patiently waited at the front counter. After 2 minutes the manager addressed me, saying they would not serve the food or provide a refund and to talk to the police outside. I went outside and spoke with the police and told them what I have written here. The manager came out too. The police told the manager to go get my food. The manager did so and the police said I could leave.

We will admit that we aren’t a fan of the “pull forward so we can take forever with your meal” play many fast food joints employ, but we can also say that we never thought to just sit there…and then try to return our food.

We want to give out a hardy “Good for you!  Stick it to the man!” but frankly you both sides are crazy in this battle.  [Editor’s Note: That’s a common theme these days in St. Louis.]

Oh wait!  There’s video!