Ferguson Woman Somehow Causes Accident While Falling Asleep in Drive Through

You’d think a McDonald’s is a fairly safe location baring the heart disease and the constant stream of customers that are unaware of their girth and the damage a butt cheek of that size can cause, but as the Ferguson McDonalds learned yesterday morning, you should add “dumb ass falling asleep in the drive through” to the list too. According to reports, the accident happened around 4:20 a.m. in the 9100 block of West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, Missouri. [Read More]

St. Charles County Home to World’s Best Mom

Kelli Horton (right) is the coolest mom ever! First, she took her kids for a car ride, then to McDonald’s for lunch, and then she let them play in the play area for as long as they wanted! Dude, that must have been the best day ever! Mom, can we get ice cream too? Mom…? A St. Charles County woman was arrested at a McDonald’s on Highway 94 Tuesday after leaving her children in a play area while she took heroin in the bathroom, police say. [Read More]

Moron Freaks Out at a Kansas City McDonalds

Alesha McMullen has been charged with Class D felony property damage after freaking out in a Kansas City McDonalds after she was displeased with the service and food she had received. McMullen threw numerous objects over the counter at employees, knocked over both registers and completely disregarded those “Wet Floor” signs. All the damage came to about $3,000 in total. Oh, and because I love you…there’s video! No word yet as to why a related video to this on YouTube concerns Fresh Prince star Alfonso Ribeiro. [Read More]

Update: McDonald’s is Not to be Messed With

Last Thursday we ran a story (with accompanying video) about a guy that refused to pull forward at the drive through and wait for his grub and thus demanded a refund. Things didn’t go well after that: After waiting ten minutes I knocked on the drive-thru window and asked for the food or money back. No response. I pulled out of drive-thru, parked my car and entered McDonalds. I patiently waited at the front counter. [Read More]

McDonalds is Not to be Messed With

File this under weird. We were recently sent a link to an experience with one local guy and a local McDonalds. [Editor’s Note: Thanks to our tipster! You know who you are…] I would try to explain this, but its best I don’t. I’ll let the email he sent to McDonalds do the explaining: I went through drive-thru and ordered one double-quarter pounder meal. When I got to the drive thru window I was asked to move forward. [Read More]

Dude Works for McDonald’s for 20 Years and Gets a Dumb Cake

Gary Hemminghaus, 40 a year old who suffers from Down syndrom, has worked at a Hazelwood McDonalds for 20 years. 20 years. A McDonald’s. 20 years. Yeah, Down syndrom, but still. 2o years! From the Post Dispatch: “Gary makes work fun,” said his boss, Sadie Travis. “He gets along with everyone, and his attitude really picks you up.” Hemminghaus has Down syndrome, and when he was hired, his job trainer told him he would be a productive worker if he could prepare just one sandwich. [Read More]