Repeatedly Stabbing Your Mom is No Way to Win an Argument

You come home late one night and your mother is waiting for you. You’re a little drunk, but you can play it off and control yourself but screw that! You’re 44 years old and the last thing you want to do is to have this discussion about your drinking again with Mom…but you know you can’t avoid it now. The arguing starts and you’ve been down this road so often you might as well have a script, but tonight’s different. [Read More]

St. Charles County Home to World’s Best Mom

Kelli Horton (right) is the coolest mom ever! First, she took her kids for a car ride, then to McDonald’s for lunch, and then she let them play in the play area for as long as they wanted! Dude, that must have been the best day ever! Mom, can we get ice cream too? Mom…? A St. Charles County woman was arrested at a McDonald’s on Highway 94 Tuesday after leaving her children in a play area while she took heroin in the bathroom, police say. [Read More]

Belleville Mom Takes a Stab at Mother of the Year

Oh moms! They always go too far and end up embarrassing you, like the time that a Belleville mother came home drunk, yelled at her four kids and eventually started chasing them around the house with a knife. Oh and then when the cops came to get her she kicked one right in the balls. Someone’s sure earning her “Best Mom Ever” sweatshirt this year! This totally reminds us of our mom who used to be there when we got home, be totally sober, make us dinner and then tuck us in to bed…. [Read More]

St. Louis’ Grinch Enjoys the Crack Cocaine

As we all know it’s a rough time out there for everyone, but the economy is hitting the crack heads the hardest. Find out what one Belleville woman sold to get herself a little taste right after the weather! It’s cold, rainy and totally sucks. Cool, one Belleville woman is behind bars tonight after selling her children’s Christmas gifts to purchase crack. Sheriff’s Capt. Steven Johnson said Bauers, the mother of two young sons, stole about $1,000 worth of toys and gifts that the children’s grandmother bought last week. [Read More]