St. Charles County Home to World’s Best Mom

Kelli Horton (right) is the coolest mom ever! First, she took her kids for a car ride, then to McDonald’s for lunch, and then she let them play in the play area for as long as they wanted! Dude, that must have been the best day ever! Mom, can we get ice cream too? Mom…?

A St. Charles County woman was arrested at a McDonald’s on Highway 94 Tuesday after leaving her children in a play area while she took heroin in the bathroom, police say.

Lt. Craig McGuire of the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department said Horton took her children, 4 and 2, with her to buy heroin in St. Louis, then drove to the McDonald’s at 5950 Highway 94.

Police said Horton left her children in a play area while she ingested two capsules of heroin in the bathroom.

Well at least she stopped at McDonald’s first. With all the horrible locations in the greater St. Louis area, she really could have picked a lot worse. Like Burger King, or Taco Bell. Their playgrounds are the worst, and their bathrooms are already all filled with crack heads so there’s never any drug stalls available. Sure the handicap stall might be available, but even though you really want to use it because of all the space, you just can’t. Can you imagine being in there doing heroin, and then you look under the door and see a set of wheels rolling up? You’d just feel horrible! That’s the only place they can comfortably do drugs in there and you’re squatting in it. Come on! You’re not even using the handrails! You can do your heroin in another stall, and when you’re both done, you can easily rob her for anything she has left. It’ll be easy since she’s in a wheelchair and that stall has plenty of room to flip her over.

via STLToday