St. Louis Police Officers Go To Hospital Over Mystery Stink

Three STLPD officers were sent to the hospital after opening a mysterious container at the Mansion House Apartments while serving a warrant.

They were serving a warrant at the Mansion House Apartments on 4th Street in downtown St. Louis when they opened a container and were hit with a strong odor that caused headaches, breathing problems and profuse sweating.

What box horribleness be strong enough a stink to give three men headaches, breathing issues and sweating? Rosie O’Donnell probably has a box that horrible, but we can’t think of anything that bad in the bi-state area.

There is no word on what caused the reaction, the investigation continues.  A test of the substance shows no hazardous material.  The officers are expected to be ok.

So it didn’t contain any hazardous material, but something must have made three grown men sick. What was in that damn box?! Yesterday morning’s slinger leftovers? A copy of “You Got Served” on DVD? Gwyneth Paltrow’s head? Damn, I guess we’ll never know what St. Louis cops hate so much just seeing it would make them fall ill…

via KMOX