Update: McDonald’s is Not to be Messed With

mcdsbeanibabiesLast Thursday we ran a story (with accompanying video) about a guy that refused to pull forward at the drive through and wait for his grub and thus demanded a refund.  Things didn’t go well after that:

After waiting ten minutes I knocked on the drive-thru window and asked for the food or money back. No response. I pulled out of drive-thru, parked my car and entered McDonalds. I patiently waited at the front counter. After 2 minutes the manager addressed me, saying they would not serve the food or provide a refund and to talk to the police outside.

Well the man himself dropped by the site yesterday to deliver a follow up!

From our comments section:

After the complaint to McD’s and the video on youtube I got a call from McD’s PR that she wanted to meet with us (myself and passenger) to discuss what happened and how McD’s will resolve it. Day of meeting the owner of that McDonalds in St. Charles calls and says she told PR to cancel the meeting and she was sorry what happened to us. She said she showed the video to every employee at that McDonalds and had a meeting with them about what they did wrong, that it was not their policy to call police and that they can pass food out the back window if there is a problem. She then said she was going to mail us some gifts. Few days later we got a $25 Visa card and a few of the beanie babies McDonald’s was giving out awhile ago in Happy Meals.

While I appreciate the apology, we really liked the idea of sitting down and talking with someone from McDonald’s about their policies and what could have been done differently. Instead it feels like they just tried to buy us off with $25 and beanie babies.

Thanks for new info but your McBribe brings up a tangential issue:  Why the hell is/was McDonald’s giving out Beanie Babies?!  What’s next Pogs?  Maybe Tickle Me Elmos?

Beanie Babies make one craptastic Happy Meal prize and an even worse bribe.  Give this guy something legit or at least sit down with the man McDonald’s!

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