St. Louis is #40 in Job Availability

stlouis_40_indeedOne of the many job posting websites,, has compiled and posted a list of the top 50 cities based on the ratio of jobs to unemployed people.

We came in at #40.

Detroit was #50.  …which makes another win for the Lou against D-Town!

According to the site, St. Louis is rocking a ratio of one job opening to every six unemployed people.  For comparison sake, the #1 city was Washington D.C. with the exact opposite ratio of six job postings for every one unemployed little orange guy.  Detroit came in dead last with only one job posting for a whopping 18 unemployed people!

If these numbers continue, by next hockey season we’ll be seeing octopi being tossed on the ice at Capitol’s games with all the transplanted Detroit workers out in D.C.

See the whole list here.