Guy Stabs Parents After an Argument About His Unemployment

A Jefferson County man beat and stabbed his parents after a fight about his unemployment became violent. Let that be a lesson to the rest of you parents! If your weird-looking 30-something kid with beady little eyes starts to get heated when you ask him why he can gain 70 levels in Word of Warcraft in a week, but can’t get a job at McDonalds, just let him be. At that point, poisoning his morning Doughnut Pizza might be the safer move. [Read More]

St. Louis is #40 in Job Availability

One of the many job posting websites,, has compiled and posted a list of the top 50 cities based on the ratio of jobs to unemployed people. We came in at #40. Detroit was #50. …which makes another win for the Lou against D-Town! According to the site, St. Louis is rocking a ratio of one job opening to every six unemployed people. For comparison sake, the #1 city was Washington D. [Read More]