Dude Works for McDonald’s for 20 Years and Gets a Dumb Cake

mcdonalds-logoGary Hemminghaus, 40 a year old who suffers from Down syndrom, has worked at a Hazelwood McDonalds for 20 years.  20 years.  A McDonald’s.  20 years.  Yeah, Down syndrom, but still.  2o years!

From the Post Dispatch:

“Gary makes work fun,” said his boss, Sadie Travis. “He gets along with everyone, and his attitude really picks you up.”

Hemminghaus has Down syndrome, and when he was hired, his job trainer told him he would be a productive worker if he could prepare just one sandwich. Instead he learned how to make all the lunch items.

“We need more people like Gary,” [co-worker Dushaun Chisolm] said. “He’s upbeat, and he says hi to everyone.”

So the guy has Downs, but yet has not only hung in there for 20 years [Editor’s Note: 20 years!], but has also been a successful employee.  What do you get a guy like that?  Big ass bonus?  Nope.  Promotion of some kind?  Nope.

Try a ride to work and some cake and ice cream.

Dude  works at a McDonald’s for 20 years and gets the same thing he gets every year on his birthday.

Gary Hemminghaus usually gets a ride to his job at McDonald’s in his stepdad’s pickup truck, but on Monday, he’ll be taking a limousine.

Hemminghaus, 40, will be celebrating his 20-year anniversary at the Hazelwood store at 7300 North Lindbergh Boulevard, and he’ll be the guest of honor at a cake and ice cream party that will be topped off with Hemminghaus autographing photos of himself in his work uniform.

Ok, not the limo, but don’t give McDonald’s credit for that one, his family paid for the limo rental.

McDonalds did say that Gary could get anything off the dollar menu for “just 4 of those big silvery coins!”…plus tax.