Get Your Geek on With the Arch Reactor Crew

LoneGunmenSome say St. Louis is a real city because we finally have a grocery store downtown, but I say if you want to point to a single item that makes St. Louis a city, we’d pick the fact we are finally getting our very own Hackerspace!

What is a hakerspace?  Jesus you’re a n00b.  Ok, I’ll humor you.

A hackerspace is a basically a shared space were people can get together and work on projects, show what they know or find some help.  Basically is a total geekfest, but in a cool way.

Here’s a video that might explain it better:

Ok, anyway, St. Louis is getting one and you can see it at their open house on August 19th, which is a week from today!  Check out their site to get your geek on a feel sexy!

Update: The Arch Reactor guys also got a shout on the MAKE blog: