5 On Your Side Has Full Blown Ads

Three quick questions, dear readers: When did KSDK decide to start calling themselves “5 On Your Side”? Was “5 Why Do We Exist Outside of Jeopardy Syndication” even considered?! Was it the same time that they just gave up on their website? Anything big happen since we stopped posting regularly? No globally attention-getting race wars or anything? Oh, good. I was worried the place went to hell since we left. [Read More]
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Wait You Mean Endorsements Are Fake?!

Which 106.5 The Arch jock did we hear recently opined on the internet about how much they hate the company they shill for? If you sons of bitches were not paying me to say that I liked u I would switch providers in a heart beat. ASSWHOLES [sic] Service provider huh? We’re guessing they are compaining about what everyone complains about: Charter …or it could be that anal wart cream delivery service. [Read More]

KSDK.com is the Internet Version of Those Clipboard Ladies in the Mall

Hey KSDK.com, this has got to stop. If you can’t read that writing about this demographic survey that pops up while using their cluttered site, it reads: To help us keep ksdk.com available to all users free of charge, please answer the following questions. You should not be asked these questions again during future visits using the same computer. Register now to post, publish and participate and save keystrokes later. [Read More]

STLToday Takes Annoying Ads to the Next Level

STLToday Takes Annoying Ads to the Next Level
Hi STLToday.com, thanks for coming over, have a seat. You know that show on A&E where these people confront someone that is doing drugs or whatever and thus is in desperate need of money so sometimes they start whoring themselves out to anyone that will give them a buck even if what they want to do to them is totally messed up? Today we are doing that for you. No no no! [Read More]

Spend a Night 21 Days Ago With A Playmate From STLToday.com!

I was going to start this off with the rhetorical question of “Does anyone at the Post Dispatch even look at STLToday.com?” but I stopped short because I knew I was going to get tons of “Have you seen the green on their site? …I’m guessing no.”-type comments. Look, you can hate on the abortion that was their old navigation, and say their new one looks like it took them 20 seconds to put together, and arguments could be made in their defense (I’m guessing)…but the least…and I mean the least…they could do is to take off ads for a contest that’s prize involved spending New Year’s Eve with a playmate! [Read More]