Missouri Might Allow Advertisements on School Buses

The Missouri State Senate is mulling a bill that if passed, would allow various state school districts to sell advertisement space on school busses, because “Well we see it on NASCAR races!” is a great reason to do all kinds of stuff and has never lead to any safety concerns or issues what so ever. Rep. Mike Kelley, R-Lamar, said many districts need the money after several years of tight budgets. [Read More]

Whoops!: STLToday Has the Best Ads

Found by a reader on STLToday over the weekend:

We aren’t sure at this time if the glue would have helped keep the swing together better or if STLToday is suggesting we actually put the child back together with Elmers.

More as this story develops.

Pujols Likes Milk, Well We Think That’s Milk…Of Course it is. Why Wouldn’t It Be?

Albert “Stop Calling My El Hombre” Pujols finally got on a Got Milk ad. Apparently being the best player in a major sport doesn’t qualify you ahead of a bunch of crappy musicians, actors and a guy that beat the hell out of his girlfriend. In fact we here are loving the irony of how bad ass Pujols’ Got Milk ad is in comparison to Chris Brown’s…ahem…less bad ass ad. [Read More]

Spend a Night 21 Days Ago With A Playmate From STLToday.com!

I was going to start this off with the rhetorical question of “Does anyone at the Post Dispatch even look at STLToday.com?” but I stopped short because I knew I was going to get tons of “Have you seen the green on their site? …I’m guessing no.”-type comments. Look, you can hate on the abortion that was their old navigation, and say their new one looks like it took them 20 seconds to put together, and arguments could be made in their defense (I’m guessing)…but the least…and I mean the least…they could do is to take off ads for a contest that’s prize involved spending New Year’s Eve with a playmate! [Read More]