We Broke ESPN 101’s Promo Format Equation

If you’ve even listen to 101 ESPN, the city’s leading sports talk station, you’ve no doubt heard their promos. “Randy Karraker rides his bike to work…” “D’Marco Farr is blah blah…” “Bob Ramsey something…” How do they do it?! How do they make such great promos that never* want to make you bash your head against the dashboard and then hit the dial so hard you break your radio? [Read More]

STLToday Takes Annoying Ads to the Next Level

Hi STLToday.com, thanks for coming over, have a seat. You know that show on A&E where these people confront someone that is doing drugs or whatever and thus is in desperate need of money so sometimes they start whoring themselves out to anyone that will give them a buck even if what they want to do to them is totally messed up? Today we are doing that for you. No no no! [Read More]