STLToday Takes Annoying Ads to the Next Level

Hi, thanks for coming over, have a seat.

You know that show on A&E where these people confront someone that is doing drugs or whatever and thus is in desperate need of money so sometimes they start whoring themselves out to anyone that will give them a buck even if what they want to do to them is totally messed up?

Today we are doing that for you.

No no no!  Sit down!  You need to hear this.

I went to your sports section the other day and I got this:


This kind of crap isn’t cool.  I don’t know how long you’ve been doing this…maybe you’ve been doing this on Life & Style for a while now and I just never noticed…but it needs to stop.  I know they gave you some money so you could continue your nasty ways for a little longer, but this isn’t good, don’t go down this way.

Blocking the whole page with an ad?

…and an ad for some girly pre-teen show on ABC Family?  …on the Sports page?!  Its just wrong.

Maybe we share some of the blame…everyone knows you have been having money troubles, we just never thought it would go this far, get this bad.  I doubt you would have listened to us though.

Ok, ok…stop crying.

You know you have to get rid of this stuff now, right?  Its no good for you!

Well, do you have anything to say for yourself?