We Broke ESPN 101’s Promo Format Equation

If you’ve even listen to 101 ESPN, the city’s leading sports talk station, you’ve no doubt heard their promos.

“Randy Karraker rides his bike to work…”

“D’Marco Farr is blah blah…”

“Bob Ramsey something…”

How do they do it?! How do they make such great promos that never* want to make you bash your head against the dashboard and then hit the dial so hard you break your radio? Well we took the promos the lab and tried to figure out their secret. It took a lot of work, at least three beakers with blue liquid bubbling over, at least one of those twirly drippy things, and two lab coats, but we got it!

The secret formula to the 101 ESPN promo is…

[Personality Name] is/does [something wacky] but that just [something awesome] + [rarely audible movie quote] + Hear [name] on 101 ESPN!

The key here is the inaudible movie quote in the middle. That’s what takes this normal promo and makes its special enough that we never* hear them and then make eye-contact with the car next to us and realize he’s also contemplating suicide and make a mental pact to drive in to one another hopefully either killing us or at least destroying our radios in the crash.

Look, we know you are the sports talk “leader” and you don’t have to try at this point with the other guy buying up crap like old lady at an antique store, but these promos have to stop. Enough with the horrible movie quotes!

  • By never, we mean always.