Kansas City Wins Google Contest For Free Crazy Fast Internet

Think you’re pretty awesome now don’t you Kansas City, luring Google’s promise of awesome internet service away from us. Well pat yourselves on the back now because once Google realizes all your internet traffic consists of is people watching YouTube videos of guys getting hit in the balls and posting “Maybe we can sign Pujols!” on Royals message boards, they’ll wish they would have came to the other side of the state first! [Read More]

Mayor’s Office Internet Poll Offers Glimpse of Local Porn Usage and Takes Shots at Charter

Maybe you haven’t heard because you only use your computer for Facebook and sending people eCards and viruses, but Google threw it out there a few weeks ago that they are trying to get in to the crazy-fast internet service game and basically said “Hey, United States cities? You want it? Show me what you got.” Which prompted just about every city in the union to lose their shit trying to convince Google to go to the internet prom with them. [Read More]

Google Releases St. Louis’ Most Searched Terms

Its December! So get ready for list after list after list and then a few list tv specials on VH1 about this “crazy” year! …all the while forgetting that something might happen in the last few weeks. The first entrant is Google, as they released their 2009 Zeitgeist that lists all kinds of interesting search data from the last year. For instance? The top 10 search terms for stadiums which Yankee Stadium came in #1 and our own Busch Stadium came in 9th. [Read More]