Google Releases St. Louis’ Most Searched Terms

GoogleIts December!  So get ready for list after list after list and then a few list tv specials on VH1 about this “crazy” year!  …all the while forgetting that something might happen in the last few weeks.

The first entrant is Google, as they released their 2009 Zeitgeist that lists all kinds of interesting search data from the last year. For instance?  The top 10 search terms for stadiums which Yankee Stadium came in #1 and our own Busch Stadium came in 9th.

More interesting, or rather boring…very, very boring…were the top 10 searches from St. Louis:

  • ksdk news channel 5
  • schnucks ad
  • stlcc
  • hazelwood school district
  • insidestl
  • wehrenberg
  • parkway school district
  • weekends only
  • laclede gas
  • stl today

Jesus.  Really?  “Schnucks Ad”?  God we’re freaking boring.  Couldn’t we at least gotten an “Hustler Club” in there?

You know the worst thing about this though, is that when I saw this list I swear I could hear tents getting pitched over at Channel 5’s offices.  They are going to squeeze this thing like the old Becky Queen of Carpet’s ass in to a pair of skinny jeans. Leisa Zigman will probably do a story about it.  Something along the lines of an old lady that was trying to Google for KSDK but instead got something else entirely! [Editor’s Note: Dun dun daaa!]  Don’t hit that “I’m Feeling Lucky Button” until after sports and the weather!