Post Dispatch Staff Loses Company Cell Phones

309604_FullThe slow march of a former media giant towards death can be sad to watch…

Our source in the Post Dispatch tells us that the latest of the series of cost cutting measures is that all reporters, and even a few other positions, are losing their company paid cell phones.  To be fair, our source did say that they will be reimbursing the staff for personal phone use, but in something that’s just too good to make up, the paper did suggest that the staff add as many business numbers to their “calling circles”.

…also apparently there is a app that.  We hear it doesn’t do much though, it just allows them to upload their resume and it changes all references to “newspaper” to “blog” so they seem more hip and hire-able.

We never liked the idea of newspaper reporters with cell phones anyway.  How are they supposed to spill out of a courtroom or news conference and fight over the 3 phone booths with a cell phone?!  …also, think of all the damsel blood their would be all over the streets if Clark Kent had an iPhone but no place to change.