Greenbaum to Giving Tips About How to Handle New Media?!

You really can’t make this stuff up. I tried to make up something as crazy as this once but it ended up no one thought it was all that funny, we had to land the plane in Colorado, and I’m pretty sure I’m on the no-fly list now. If there ever were doubts about whether the public has opinions about the news, the arrival of online reader comments has dispelled them. [Read More]

Come Throw Things at Our Editor and Learn Yourself Something About the Internet

We aren’t usually one to self-aggrandize, but we do want you all to know that our fearless and sexy editor, Mike Flynn, will be on the panel for this month’s Social Media Club talk at the Pepper Lounge this Thursday the 17th (tomorrow!). The topic will be “Old Media vs New Media” From the event’s page on eventbrite: Join us for a panel about the changes in media including representatives from the local blogosphere, the Riverfront Times, Channel 4 News, NPR, & the St. [Read More]