PETA Protests Children’s Hospital over Kitty Poking

Everyone’s favorite animal rights group PETA was in full force in St. Louis today protesting the St. Louis Children’s Hospital for something. Someone probably put the wrong color lipstick on a test monkey or something…

The animal rights organization PETA held a protest today against St. Louis Children’s Hospital for its use of live cats in a pediatric emergency training course.

The hospital’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sessions Cole, says the cats are a critical part of the training. “Even the most sophisticated manikin can’t really duplicate the anatomy and the reflexes and the movements that are provided by a live animal like a cat.”

Woah wait…cats?! Little kitties are being anesthetized and then used as practice dummies for interns to practice intubation on? Dude, not cool. How could you do that to a little kitty? Graphically punching them? Sure…but not that!

Frankly it would be different if it wasn’t students working over the cats. If people are going to be rounding up some heavy drugs and finishing by shoving stuff in to their kitty, you should have a professional doing that, like Paris Hilton, not some “trainee”!

We know how cats feel. Check out our file photo:

Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to go lay in the sun.

via St. Louis Public Radio