That Whole Pretzel Thing

We’re really sorry. We tried to care. Really tried…ok that’s a lie, we kinda tried. Didn’t stick though. The whole thing is a freaking yawn no matter how many times the Mayor blogs about it.

Please join us in not giving a crap by watching “Kittens on a slide”

That’s Enough, American Mustache Institute

Its tax time! Uh oh. Sure hope no one-joke-pony dude duo tries to write a press release to get themselves in the news again. Too late (via the AP): It’s time that mustached Americans got in on the stimulus money. At least that’s the proposal being pushed by tax policy professor John Yeutter and the St. Louis-based AmericanMustache Institute. The tongue-in-cheek group dubs itself “the world’s only facial hair advocacy and research organization. [Read More]