Video of Girls Screaming in Zac Efron’s Face in St. Louis (also something about Poopstock)

Found on YouTube: A video taken by someone that waited a very long time to get to the front of the Zac Efron line when he came into town for a showing of his movie Charlie St. Cloud at Ronnies in South County.

You can hear screams of “I love your hair!” and “Don’t leave!” throughout the clip. Also, if you look closely, a pigeon tries to poop on Efron at one point but a beautiful bald eagle swoops by at the last second to kill the pigeon. Afterwards Efron commented that if it had pooped on his successfully he would have kept going “Its not like I’m some little bitch or something.”

Also seen here is a picture we drew of the St. Louis media beating this dead horse (we’re on the right with the cape and the badass lightsaber):