Video of Girls Screaming in Zac Efron’s Face in St. Louis (also something about Poopstock)

Found on YouTube: A video taken by someone that waited a very long time to get to the front of the Zac Efron line when he came into town for a showing of his movie Charlie St. Cloud at Ronnies in South County. You can hear screams of “I love your hair!” and “Don’t leave!” throughout the clip. Also, if you look closely, a pigeon tries to poop on Efron at one point but a beautiful bald eagle swoops by at the last second to kill the pigeon. [Read More]

Can You Feel the Teenage Angst?!: Zac Efron Hits St. Louis


Zac Efron, the star of the famous High School Singy Song Show With Chicks That Are Way to Hot to be In Disney Movies Music (or whatever) movie series, is coming to St. Louis tomorrow to show his new, non-signing movie Charlie St. Cloud.

You might be asking yourself “Why would he do that?”

We don’t know.

Oh wait yes we do. Someone won a contest or something.

The 22-year-old _Charlie St. Cloud_actor will be heading to St. Louis, Missouri NEXT Wednesday, July 21 to premiere his flick with the winner of the nationwide hometown screening contest — Jerry Sanoval, 43.

Ha. No, we’re kidding. The winner’s name is Emily Johnson. Having a pervy 43 year old dude win would be far more funny though.

Other situations that would make this more funny include: Some sort of cream pie gag, several rubber chickens attending the show somehow and Zac bringing girlfriend and co-star Vanessa Hudgens over to our place to keep her company while he’s at the premiere.

The last one is funny because we would be like “Whoa that actually happened. That’s funny.” The rest of it wouldn’t be “funny” pre se.

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Click through the jump to see Vanessa if you aren’t familiar with her talents.

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