Kyle Turley Has the Last Word on Poopstock

Lets be honest, we’ve called Kings of Leon all kinds of fun things in the last few days after their now infamous pouting scene after getting pooped on made its way around the globe. Nothing too bad though, just light hearted jokes.

7/24 – They’re giant pussies.

7/24 – Jesus these guys are freaking retarded.

7/24 – Congratulations, you just outted yourself to even your most die-hard fans that you are no more “rock” than Hanna Montana.

7/23 – Sounds like Kings of Leon had a serious case of Rock “star” sandy vagina.


What do we know though? Yes Kings of Leon are in fact little bitch-asses. It’s a fact, but we should have more reason that just us saying so. We need to have some big bad ass guy tell you so you know its true…Well we know a guy. Kyle Turley was a certified bad ass on the football field, currently he’s a bad ass on the stage, and a friend-of-the-site. We reached out for a comment on what he thought about this whole situation with Kings of Leon. We were not disappointed.

“I guess when you make it to the top, you don’t have to take it in the mouth anymore [in public]” – Kyle Turley

Thanks Kyle. We knew you’d know just want to say.

By the way, Kyle is on tour, so to check out where he’s at these days and pick up his new album head to Gridiron