Reddit User Creates iCal Calendar for Forest Park

mjschultz, a user on the popular news sharing site Reddit, that happens to have a pretty great little St. Louis section, decided to put together a handy little iCal Calendar for easy importing in to whatever it is you use (Google Calendar, Apple iCal, your 5 year old flip phone) so you won’t miss any of the cool stuff that goes down in Forest Park.

I’m not sure how many people are interested in this, but I’ve made an iCal calendar file from the official list of events in Forest Park. It isn’t perfect, but neither is the input file. So you can use either the iCal Calendar File [or the] RSS Feed

Great work on a fantastic idea!

…we noticed that the calendar is missing the “running of the bums that ask joggers for spare change despite the fact that no one that jogs carries any money on them” but we’re not picky since that isn’t an “official” event.

via Reddit