The Internet Hate Machine Turns On Kurt Greenbaum

Maybe you saw our post yesterday about Kurt Greenbaum, the Post Dispatch’s Social Media Director and how he got a man fired because he posted a “vulgarity” on the comments of an STLToday article.  If not, check it out, we go in to in detail there.

In that post, I dropped this little pull quote, suitable for twittering and the like:

…and then the internet skull-f*cked him.

I was wrong.  The internet populace hadn’t begun to skull f*ck him at that point.  They are now though.

Midway through yesterday, one of our commenters alerted us that this story had popped up on Reddit, a popular social news site.

That’s kind of where this story took off and turned ugly for Greenbaum.

First, there were comments like this: