Did Charles Jaco Fake a Desert Storm CNN Report?

Did Charles Jaco Fake a Desert Storm CNN Report?

Found on YouTube, this clip from a 1991 CNN broadcast, with added subtitles, claims that CNN and then reporter, now Fox 2 KTVI reporter and 550AM host, Charles Jaco fake a remote, leading people to believe that they were in some hostile area rather than a soundstage of sorts.

After watching the video, I have to lean towards agreeing this this guy, but really who knows, and more importantly, no one does or should care, but the video is pretty damn funny.  This isn’t just some Daily Show-esque “remote,” they have props (a gas mask and helmet from the set of MASH make an appearance), Jaco is rocking a pretty awesome, yet understated mustache, and there is a montage at the end of behind the scenes-type clips that the author uses as further evidence.

We also get this “warning” at the end for us sheeple to wake up!  We’ll pass on your warning there Neo, but thanks for the funny video.


Watch the clip after the jump, and let us know what you think!  Does this kinda thing actually bother you?

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