Man Drives in to House After Being Shot

Another day in St. Louis…

A man runs his car in to a parked car, through a fence and in to the side of a family’s home Tuesday night. It’s not really his fault though, the driver had been shot a few times right before all of that:

A car that smashed into a north St. Louis home late Tuesday was being driven by a man who suffering from gunshot wounds, police say.

The driver, 37, had been shot in the arm and back several times. He was driving south on Rauschenbach Avenue about 11:15 p.m. Tuesday  near St. Louis Place Park.

The families home is now unlivable for the time being so the Red Cross pitched in to take care of the two parents and two, whoops, two more…four kids…oh and looks like an uncle in there too…ok, four kids and three…who are they?! Ok, five adults and the four kids…jesus, who the hell is that guy?!…six adults and…no you can’t bring a friend…you know what? Whatever. Four children and seven adults.

We hope the family took their loose house bricks with them, because they won’t be there when they get back. (Yup, we steal bricks here too.)

via STLToday