Nelly Takes DJ Job, Also Must Have Invented Time Machine

Starting Wednesday, the native son of St. Louis and rapper, will be the drive-time DJ on Hot 104.1 for anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks. In a related, but up until now completely unreported, story Nelly has also invented a time machine. Probably. He must have. Why else would he think being a DJ is still cool?! We talked to a scientist about this bizarre move and amazing technological discovery. [Read More]

We Broke ESPN 101’s Promo Format Equation

If you’ve even listen to 101 ESPN, the city’s leading sports talk station, you’ve no doubt heard their promos. “Randy Karraker rides his bike to work…” “D’Marco Farr is blah blah…” “Bob Ramsey something…” How do they do it?! How do they make such great promos that never* want to make you bash your head against the dashboard and then hit the dial so hard you break your radio? [Read More]

100.3 The Sound Keeps Filling Those Open Slots…That’s What She Said

We now hear that both morning and the afternoon shift has been filled at St. Louis’ newest music station, 100.3 The Sound. So, um….there you go. Pretty. Exciting. Stuff. In a related story, I found that pushing on your eye for 2 minutes produces a little squiggly color line show that is just as good as or better than NCIS. Oh shit I’m sorry. I forgot that school is out and we have more young readers throughout the day! [Read More]

Is the Sound Going Quiet Already?

St. Louis’ newest station 100.3 The Sound, owned by ClearChannel might be gone before it ever really got started according to a source of Clear Channel is very close to selling/donating 100.3 to one of the groups that tried to stop the KFUO transfer. Its a double win for Clear Channel, triple if you consider that The Sound is a complete failure. All of this is being done with San Antonio because of the complex nature of the deal, but it could be done by July 4th. [Read More]

Out of Towners to Take Over on Bull Mornings

After Jill Devine’s departure from the ClearChannel owned 93.7 The Bull, the word was that her sucessor was to be Jim Doyle, as reported by We’ve heard this isn’t the case. As soon as today, Devine’s, now vacant, morning shift will be filled by a two-man out-of-town morning show, not Jim Doyle. [Editor’s Note: Is that was she said? …hmm. Maybe.] We don’t know the names of the gentlemen running St. [Read More]

Jill Devine Out at the Bull

Already scraped from the website, Jill Devine, already a veteran of the St. Louis radio wars, is out at ClearChannel’s 93.7 the Bull. Devine has been at the Bull since leaving Bonneville’s 101.1 Movin, which soon after turned to 101 ESPN. Devine pitched in on the Bull’s morning show and then moved to mid-days and then back to mornings. No details as of yet, but it’s not much of a guess to postulate that ClearChannel is continuing to hemorrhage money like most other radio outlets. [Read More]

Trish Gazall to Leave KTRS 550

We have learned friend-of-the-site Trish Gazall is leaving her post on 550AM as John Brown’s sidekick on the midday show The Mindset.

Efforts to get a comment from Trish have returned nothing so far, but we do know that she is leaving on her terms and it was believed she is leaving because she was looking for a job a bit more musically inclined rather than the talk-focused KTRS job.

Wait You Mean Endorsements Are Fake?!

Which 106.5 The Arch jock did we hear recently opined on the internet about how much they hate the company they shill for? If you sons of bitches were not paying me to say that I liked u I would switch providers in a heart beat. ASSWHOLES [sic] Service provider huh? We’re guessing they are compaining about what everyone complains about: Charter …or it could be that anal wart cream delivery service. [Read More]

100.3 Starts to Smell a Bit Like Teen Spirit

According to a tipster to STLMedia, 100.3 will soon kill the Christmas music and move to a new format for the area: All 80s and 90s music, aimed squarely at those Gen-Xers. Says the tipster… CONFIRMED. GEN X RADIO COMES TO 100.3. MUSIC OF THE 90’S AND 80’S AIMED AT GEN X. EXPECT STUNTING AND A LAUNCH RIGHT AFTER FIRST OF THE YEAR. THE ARCH IS SCREWED. We love this idea. [Read More]
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When is Too Early For Christmas Music?

When is Too Early For Christmas Music?
We’ve been through this all before… Last year it was MOVIN 101.1 that finally had the life-support plug pulled on it and switched to Christmas music in October, and now its 100.3 KATZ thats flipping the switch to Christmas music a little earlier than we all would prefer. So two years in a row, the majority of St. Louisan’s are left scratching our heads as to why on earth you would want to play Chrismas music this early. [Read More]