Becky “Queen of Carpet” Has Uploaded All Her Old Commercials to YouTube

Everyone knows that Becky, the area’s “Queen of Carpet”, has a long history of horrible commercials and if one came on right now, you’d be all like “Ugh, how has that carpet she stands on not given way and let her fall to her death yet?!” …but if we told you she uploaded all of her old commercials to YouTube, we bet you’d spend the vast majority of your Friday watching them! [Read More]

100.3 Starts to Smell a Bit Like Teen Spirit

According to a tipster to STLMedia, 100.3 will soon kill the Christmas music and move to a new format for the area: All 80s and 90s music, aimed squarely at those Gen-Xers. Says the tipster… CONFIRMED. GEN X RADIO COMES TO 100.3. MUSIC OF THE 90’S AND 80’S AIMED AT GEN X. EXPECT STUNTING AND A LAUNCH RIGHT AFTER FIRST OF THE YEAR. THE ARCH IS SCREWED. We love this idea. [Read More]
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