Kevin Slaten Show to Get Somehow More Annoying with Addition of Reality TV Star

590AM is about to find out what it’s like to take two people, put them in a broadcast closet and find out what it’s like when the hosts stop being polite and start getting real! St. Louis sports radio’s “Rush Limbaugh” position is filled by one Kevin Slaten. He panders to the lowest, hoosier-iest people in the market, always upset about whoever it’s shocking to be upset about because he isn’t “controlled” by whomever he’s mad at, telling everyone that doesn’t call in to tell him how great he is that they’re morons. [Read More]

Grand Slam Sports Buys KFNS and

Friday afternoon the word started trickling out that local group, Grand Slam Sports’ bid to buy the “other” sports talk radio station in town, KFNS (590 AM), became official. Not only that, Grand Slam Sports also announced they had purchased the local sports blog Their bid to buy the other other sports talk station you haven’t heard of KSLG (1380 AM) is still in the works. Grand Slam Sports, which consists of a group of local investors, bought KFNS from Big League Broadcasting for $1. [Read More]