Kevin Slaten Show to Get Somehow More Annoying with Addition of Reality TV Star

590AM is about to find out what it’s like to take two people, put them in a broadcast closet and find out what it’s like when the hosts stop being polite and start getting real!

St. Louis sports radio’s “Rush Limbaugh” position is filled by one Kevin Slaten. He panders to the lowest, hoosier-iest people in the market, always upset about whoever it’s shocking to be upset about because he isn’t “controlled” by whomever he’s mad at, telling everyone that doesn’t call in to tell him how great he is that they’re morons. It’s an angle that really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for a sports show and that’s probably why no one listens to him as the ratings show.

So who cares? Good question, but we thought we’d bring it up, not because he’s changing stations from the Grand Slam Sports owned 1380AM to the Grand Slam Sports owned 590AM, but because he’s getting a co-host.

Ashlee Feldman is set to join Slaten when his program moves to 590 AM from KSLG (1380 AM) beginning Jan. 3, as it flips stations with the current show in the 3-6 p.m. slot on KFNS.

Feldman, 24, is from New Jersey and attended Northeastern University in Boston, where she played basketball, then was on the cast of MTV’s “Real World New Orleans” this year. Her presence seems a strange fit with Slaten, the outspoken host who specializes in taking local teams and sports personalities to task when he thinks the situation merits and has carved out a big niche for himself in that role.

More money burning a hole in the pocket of Dave Greene, president of Grand Slam Sports? Sure the hell sounds like it. Why else would someone pour money in to a show that has had horrible ratings since Slaten’s return from a court sanctioned radio exile because of a fight with, ironically, the previous owners of 590AM? The bigger question mark though is why, out of all the people nationally looking for work in sports radio, would you pick some random chick off the cast of Real World New Orleans?! Of course, according to Greene, everything’s going to be great as he reads out of the “How to Respond to Odd Personal Moves” handbook. We hope he doesn’t forget to mention how she has strong opinions and will really make a name for herself!

“There will be plenty of Kevin being Kevin, giving strong opinions on the hot sports topics and doing great interviews,” Greene said. “Ashlee won’t lack for strong opinions either. She grew up with a football coach for a father and was a big-time Division I college basketball player, so she understands sports. She will also bring entertainment value to the show with some other bits and segments to break up the monotony of hard-core sports talk all of the time. People want to be entertained, not bored out of their minds with stats and fence-riding opinions.”

Wow, this can’t fail! No audience has been screaming for “entertainment value” in an already serious sports market more than Slaten’s old-skool listeners. Nothing will make the LaRussa hating ranks mellow more than 5 minutes of who Derek Jeter is currently dating! We wouldn’t touch this idea with someone’s 10 foot penis if we were running that radio station (everyone else’s penis is also 10 feet long right?) …however. As a site that enjoys a good train wreck, we love this move!

A quick look at Ashlee’s twitter account gives us all a preview of the beautiful nonsense soon to come to a station no one can hear anyway:

Can’t wait for the January 3rd premiere! Now get over here and help us attach this dish to the top of our car so we can actually tune in! Remember to lift with your back in a sharp twisting motion.

via STLToday