KFNS Actually Found a Way to Reach Fewer People Tuesday Morning

If you noticed a distinct lack of “sports” talk that is 8 parts gay jokes and 2 parts Mizzou talk, its probably because your only choice for sports talk was 101ESPN‘s Mike & Mike in the Morning after Monday night’s storm kicked over the flattened out coat hanger 590 AM KFNS uses to broadcast.

The morning static was confirmed by the station’s morning show host, Tim McKernan

McKernan, who’s InsideSTL.com handles most of the day’s programming on KFNS, did their show through the internets until the station came back on line a few hours later.

KFNS themselves however, decided to pretend none of this happened, or realizes that no one cares about losing one of the many “sports talk” station in the city for a few hours since there was nary a mention on their site, KFNS.com or their Twitter profile as of this writing.

Meanwhile the folks at KFNS sister station KSLG 1380 remained on the air so that the homeless guy sitting outside the 1380 offices on the Landing could get somewhat clear audio of…you know, we have no idea what’s on that station. Not even enough for a joke. Did they go out too? Not really sure. There are CB radio conversations that have more listeners.