Three Inmates, One With Sidespike, Escaped From Prison

Three inmates have escaped from the Daviess/DeKalp County jail in Pattonsburg, Missouri by crawling under a fence. They escaped in to the small town with no shoes but wearing their standard-issue prison orange jumpsuit. Obviously, this has the prison and the town on full alert.

Three inmates, including a convicted murderer, escaped from a northwest Missouri jail by crawling under a fence, leading authorities to lock down the surrounding community’s school and to go door-to-door warning residents.

“Quick! Some one stuff a god damned towel under that fence!”

“I don’t normally lock my doors, but I am now. I’m sure everybody is.” said Karen Shepherd, the city clerk.

The escaped inmates are Timothy Baudour, 34, who was convicted of assault, Nicholas McCleary, 26, in on a property damage charged followed up by one failed jail escape, and Carlos Sarmiento, 57, who was convicted of first-degree murder, armed criminal action, and second-degree bad 80’s hair, as evident by the photo above where Sarmiento is rocking a pretty criminal “sidespike”.

Authorities are worried that if left to his own devices, Sarmiento might progress in to bad 90’s hair like the “under-cut” if he isn’t captured soon…or he might beat someone else to death with a claw hammer. Residents are avised to stay indoors, and keep a look out for a “person of interest” in the investigation and possible Sarmiento accomplice judging by the obvious hair-style connections:

Police continue the hunt while the small town of 260 lock their doors, leaving their kids have to suffer through indoor recess. Floor hockey can only take you so far.

via KMOV