Kelly Chase, Former St. Louis Blues Bad Ass, Figure Skating on Canada Reality Show

Battle of the Blades is to Canada what Dancing with the Stars is to America. The differences being “Blads” is hockey players instead of D-list celebrities and it’s on ice. So what about Canada? Well former St. Louis Blues badass Kelly Chase is on this season.

If you thought for a second that he’s dancing with Michelle Kwan, you’re a racist. If you thought Not-Michelle Kwan was dancing with late-nineties Brenda Warner, we don’t blame you.

Dancing to Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” Yahoo Sports’ recap says of their latest dance:

They pull off a smooth skate highlighted by a huge one-handed lift, complete with fist-pump. What, no headbanging? Judge Sandra praises Kelly’s “nuance and emotion.” No need to drop the gloves tonight.

Sounds like Kelly isn’t doing all that bad and they are certainly doing better than the pairing of Anabelle Langlois and ex-NHLer Georges Laraque who ended up with 12 stitches after an ill-fated practice:

Good luck Chaser!

via Yahoo! Sports